TT is pleased to announce that, after a  2 year hiatus, more information will be provided soon on the latest project activities in Australia and beyond.

In the meantime, 3 years after the devastating earthquakes in Nepal, the poorest of the poor villagers are still waiting to rebuild their homes.

More information is available here.

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when house respects place which then defines space ...

Now fully vaxxed. Ready to marinate for 2 weeks, so Gladys will pat me on the head.

The experience at the Olympic Park Pfizer centre was sheer joy both times. Extremely well organised with loads of genial helpers and guides. The first time jabber was a dental student, today a dentist. So, interesting and long conversations too.

Great vibe of people realising their contribution to society, and pulling together. And not because some politician wagged a finger and told us to do so, how we are pleasing them. We are smarter than that.

This is Ram Chandra, one of the great teachers at Thangpaldap school in Nepal where we run one of our regular dental programs.

He’s walking along the main road from Melamchi to Tipeni, before heading up the hill to Dap.

Or what was a main road before mid June when a massive wall of water, mud, rocks, and silt came crashing down from the higher up Helambu region causing devastation in the lower lands.

The long concrete and steel bridge at Melamchi was washed away, along with people, sadly, and homes and livelihoods.

It’s impassable for any type of vehicle. So it could be quite some time before our dental team can reach Dap and Bhotenamlang, our other program site.

This is in Sindhupalchok district which was severely affected by the earthquakes in 2015. Now this, on top of the stresses of dealing with the COVID pandemic, loss of work and incomes, and a dysfunctional government.

Western NSW and COVID. Knowing the COVID-infected people out there makes it very personal for me.

This wretched microbe is increasingly revealing the strengths and cracks and crevices in our society.

“We need to, all of us, that is black and white, we need to draw together and we need to search for solutions in this. We need to maintain a sense of unity. COVID isn’t black or white.”
Frank Doolan, Wiradjuri Elder, Dubbo. ABC 7.30.