Achieving good oral health requires more than just a toothbrush, toothpaste, good diet and access to regular dental care.

Teethandtoilets works in places with no traffic lights – small, rural and remote communities in Australia, Nepal, Timor L’este and Bangladesh. The cultures differ but there are many common issues across these developed and developing countries.

Questions arise:

  • can people afford toothbrushes and toothpaste for the whole family?
  • do they want them?
  • can they wash and store them?
  • is there clean running water?
  • is there basic sanitation?
  • are other health and social matters more important?
  • how much do dental services cost?
  • what is the best oral health care approach for high risk communities?

There are no simple answers however there is relevant information and experience, constantly evolving, that can help us to improve our programs.  Teethandtoilets works with many partners and agencies to try to improve access to affordable and appropriate dental care, backed up by locally run prevention programs.

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Uni of Newcastle team last year in Arubot.... folks, thanks to Surya at left, TT can continue to support the reconstruction of lost homes. The villagers welcome you to return and see how people are rebuilding their lives. Namaste and Laso!! ...

Thanks Australian Dental Association for these magnificent flowers. It was an honour to be invited by the ADA to share information about TT’s Nepal activities, with dentists young and not so young. ...

One of the recipients of the latest round of funds raised by TT’s helpers to support post-earthquake reconstruction in Nepal. Arjun and his family have lived in a rudimentary shelter for more than 4 years; our subsidy has allowed him to finally build this small home, completed this week. Arjun is of the BK caste, considered one of the lowest and untouchable castes. One of my always-memories is the moment his piercing eyes of deep gratitude melted my insides as I handed him the key to his family toilet in 2014. Dignity. ...

Young Prem, all materials to this building site are brought in by manual labour ...