Groote Eylandt, Northern Territory

Groote Eylandt and Bickerton Island Enterprises Aboriginal Corporation (GEBIE)

Concerned about limited access to dental services for Anindilyakwa (the Aboriginal Traditional Owners, TOs) on Groote Eylandt, the Anindilyakwa Land Council approached TT in 2010 to improve dental services.  TT worked with GEBIE and Oral Health Services, Northern Territory (OHSNT) to develop a working partnership to improve the level of dental services on the island.

The mining company on the island, GEMCO, is also a partner and offers accommodation for the dental teams, who provide some private dental services for the mining community.  Since 2011 GEBIE has been using funding from mining royalties (the manganese mine on Groote is one of the largest sources of manganese ore in the world) to support the dental program.

TT has worked closely with GEBIE and OHSNT to organise the teams, and to encourage dentists and dental assistants to visit regularly, ie more than just one time.  This is working and we now have a core of dental professionals who are committed to helping the TOs on Groote.

The GEBIE dental teams generally work for a month at a time, in coordination with other visiting dental teams from OHSNT.  They are swamped with patients every time, and see very high rates of decay.  Young adults are losing all their teeth to decay.  Lack of regular toothbrushing is a contributing factor, but one of the greatest problems is the very high consumption of sweet fizzy cola drinks (no names mentioned but initials are CC), which are death to teeth.  As well as having negative impacts on other aspects of health like diabetes and obesity.

However the dental teams do the best they can to help, and we hope that in the long term, sugar will lose and health will win.

A special mention should also be given to GEBIE for funding the water fluoridation plants in the Anindilyakwa communities.

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Fading eastern light over western NSW plains on re-entry to Sydney.  Tough visit to Nepal this time. Struggling economy, massive inflation, increasing suicide rates, fewer and fewer jobs. Small wonder the drain of young people coursing out of the country, mainly aged 18-30 years, continues to grow. On average 3-4000 per day.  Villages are emptying. Schools are closing due to falling numbers of students.  Families are breaking up, leaving the parents to grow into either a lonely retirement in Nepal or face moving to another country where they are with their kids and grandkids but without their daily neighbours and local community.  It’s great to see so many beautiful Nepalese working and helping in Australia and other countries, and seeking opportunities they can’t find in their home country but the social, structural and political fracturing back in Nepal is deepening. The next few years will be very interesting.  Namaste!!🙏🏽 🙏🏽
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