Post earthquake reconstruction in Nepal

TT is grateful to Surya Lama in Nepal and his teams for remaining committed to helping the villagers still homeless after the earthquakes of April and May 2015.

Nine more families last week moved in to new homes, built with  support from TT’s donors, and according to the Nepal government’s earthquake building code.  The villagers also require the Nepal Government’s subsidy for reconstruction.

These families were recipients of the village toilet program run from 2007 under the leadership of Paul Pholeros. TT will ensure all remaining poor villagers – 12 more families –  receive assistance to rebuild their homes and their lives.  Our target is to have them rehoused by March 2020.

Donations gratefully received and can be made at the Rotary donations page.

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P in permanent marker weirdly alongside @paul_pholeros_foundation logo. PPF team’s presentation of their amazing sanitation work at Dhulikhel Hospital these past few weeks. ...