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Bila Muuji Aboriginal Health Services Inc

Bila Muuji means ‘river friends’.  Bila Muuji Aboriginal Health Services Inc is a regional grouping of ACCHOs whose CEOs meet bi-monthly to discuss issues affecting their communities and subsequent impacts on service delivery.

One of Bila Muuji regional programs was the Oral Health Promotion Program.  Up til June 2015 it employed a Coordinator who travelled to the various Bila Muuji member ACCHO sites to work with local staff in community based oral health promotion programs.

Bila Muuji has developed several working partnerships with other providers such as government health services and universities.  As part of a Memorandum of Understanding with Charles Sturt University, Bila Muuji has provided scholarships to undergraduate students in the Bachelor of Oral Health program.

The Oral Health Promotion focussed on supporting local ACCHO staff, and activities include:

  • school based tooth brushing programs
  • education sessions about good oral health for teachers, parents, and mothers’ groups
  • participation in health checks and ensuring appropriate dental care is provided for those in need
  • working with the Bila Muuji chronic disease programs to ensure good oral health messages are incorporated into general health advice
  • coordinating with partners to avoid duplication of services
  • running annual workshops to update Bila Muuji staff on issues affecting oral health care.


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