ABCD reaches 1000 people in Bangladesh

The ABCD (AusBangla Care for Dental) Program reached more than 1000 people during the recent team visits in September. The full report tells the whole story.

Four dentists from Australia – Drs Nahid Sayma and Sandra Meihubers (TT), along with Drs Hans Raets and Yvonne Huijser van Reenen – worked with the Bangla teams to visit 2 schools in the Mirpur slum area in Dhaka, and 4 schools in rural locations in Brahmanbaria and Sylhet.

More than 400 people, mainly school children, received necessary dental treatment with most people receiving several dental procedures.  Oral hygiene advice was provided to all.  The Australian dental team introduced the technique of arresting dental decay with a Silver Fluoride solution, and this technique will become the foundation for the atraumatic and preventive approach of the ongoing program for school kids.

All the team members worked long and hard through the hot and sticky days, and were overwhelmed at times by the enthusiasm shown by local volunteers and field staff.  At times there were up to 20 people in the dental treatment room – a work flow chart would have been interesting.

The local dental team will continue with monthly dental camps (2 days at a time) in the schools in Mirpur, under the guidance of the NGO Forum for Public Health, Dr Sunny Dastagir, and the Rotary Club of Dhaka.



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Fading eastern light over western NSW plains on re-entry to Sydney.  Tough visit to Nepal this time. Struggling economy, massive inflation, increasing suicide rates, fewer and fewer jobs. Small wonder the drain of young people coursing out of the country, mainly aged 18-30 years, continues to grow. On average 3-4000 per day.  Villages are emptying. Schools are closing due to falling numbers of students.  Families are breaking up, leaving the parents to grow into either a lonely retirement in Nepal or face moving to another country where they are with their kids and grandkids but without their daily neighbours and local community.  It’s great to see so many beautiful Nepalese working and helping in Australia and other countries, and seeking opportunities they can’t find in their home country but the social, structural and political fracturing back in Nepal is deepening. The next few years will be very interesting.  Namaste!!🙏🏽 🙏🏽
Golden. @floyd_thegolden