Village visit reveals extent of the need

TT and HH are visiting the 3 project villages and working with village teams to assess the extent of the damage, and to sort out priority works.  In Bhattedanda village most houses are destroyed, or have damage that makes the home unsafe and in need of demolition.

One NGO is delivering a temporary shelter kit to families in Bhattedanda – when assembled it forms a curved tin shelter, which a family can customise, and use chosen materials to fill in the ends for weather proofing and security.  Some groups of villagers have created extended tent “homes” which accommodate up to 9 families.

TT and HH are using donated funds to supply kits of tin sheets in Arubot and Dandagaun.  Villagers will use these shelters through the coming rainy season, during which time they will pull down damaged houses and clear the rubble generally.  They will reuse the tin sheets for roofing in the new homes, as well as recycling any undamaged elements, such as doors, window frames.

Villagers are preparing to ride out the coming rainy season in their temporary shelters.  TT and HH are also supplying tin sheets for the villagers to make a cooking space separate from their temporary home, essentially to minimise the risk of fire in the home, and to create a reasonable space to store, prepare and cook food.


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First world problem.... flight departure delayed while engineers fix the plane’s blocked toilet.... the day after World Toilet Day.
Update...toilet not fixable, replacement aircraft organised. First world solution.

World Toilet Day 2019. TT in 2007, the beginning of matching dental programs in Nepal with improved access to clean water and toilets. Still the work continues.

TT celebrates 20 years of working with Bishnu, project manager in Nepal. The first few years our dental programs, then adding sanitation with PP/HH, then adding earthquake reconstruction. We salute this hard working, passionate and compassionate local champion. Many thanks Bishnu Ji, dherai dherai dhanyabad mero sathi. Namaskar! ...