Some food relief arrives

Some donations have been coming in to Bhattedanda village directly from overseas donors.  The village teams and womens group work carefully to ensure there is equal distribution of the rice among the families.  Fortunately the villagers can still access some vegetables from the fields, however many animals including goats, chicken and the income-generating buffaloes, were killed in the quake.

The information is coming slowly from Prem, one of the village leaders, and from Bishnu the program manager, who have supplied the photos.  Bishnu’s photo report can be accessed here.

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Soo nice to have the doors gliding easily again.
what a difference a frame makes. 
@avbconstruct expertly adjusting existing door frames.
Fading eastern light over western NSW plains on re-entry to Sydney.  Tough visit to Nepal this time. Struggling economy, massive inflation, increasing suicide rates, fewer and fewer jobs. Small wonder the drain of young people coursing out of the country, mainly aged 18-30 years, continues to grow. On average 3-4000 per day.  Villages are emptying. Schools are closing due to falling numbers of students.  Families are breaking up, leaving the parents to grow into either a lonely retirement in Nepal or face moving to another country where they are with their kids and grandkids but without their daily neighbours and local community.  It’s great to see so many beautiful Nepalese working and helping in Australia and other countries, and seeking opportunities they can’t find in their home country but the social, structural and political fracturing back in Nepal is deepening. The next few years will be very interesting.  Namaste!!🙏🏽 🙏🏽
Golden. @floyd_thegolden