Project toilets survive earthquake

Miraculously the project toilets have escaped the earthquake.  The majority are in good condition, and only a few have received damage.  Where houses have been destroyed or damaged, the debris managed to miss the toilets in all but a few locations.

Now that the villagers have relocated to temporary shelters, some of which are clustered together, many toilet buildings are used for safe storage of food and valuable possessions such as brassware and prized pots.

Some older people have even taken to sleeping in the toilet building, once they saw these buildings survive both of the serious quakes.

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Budhi Man expressing thanks to TT and team for assistance to rebuild 9 houses. Six or more to go, many thanks to management and Nepalese staff of Church Point Waterfront cafe and Pittwater residents for fund raising to help the remaining homeless villagers. ...

Uni of Newcastle team last year in Arubot.... folks, thanks to Surya at left, TT can continue to support the reconstruction of lost homes. The villagers welcome you to return and see how people are rebuilding their lives. Namaste and Laso!! ...